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Carsharing in the Ceske Budejovice has never been easier! 

Do you want to rent a sharing car now? Just download the mobile app, shoot your two IDs, add a credit card and go. No keys, no access card pickup, no paperwork.

Just remember that your phone has to be connected to the Internet - to unlock and lock the car. And don't afraid of, you can find all the instructions for you and th charger if the juice was running out, in the car.

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Residence Marianska

You can find one of our Citigo in the Residence on Marianska square in Ceske Budejovcie. This car has the own parking card and parking place there. 

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Jak to funguje

Using a Touch Phone

1. Stáhněte si aplikaci a registrujte se online

  • Stáhněte si naší mobilní aplikaci GoDriveCZ

        >> pro Android nebo iOS <<

  • Během několika minut se zaregistrujete a jedete.

  • Potřebujete jen platnou platební kartu, občanku a řidičák a váš e-mail (nebo Facebook nebo Google účet).

  • Žádné zálohy! Žádné smlouvy!
    Není nutné nic podepisovat!

Carefree Drive

3. Prostě jeďte

  • Jakmile je rezervace platná nebo se blíží její začátek, dojděte k vozu (jeho polohu uvidíte
    v aplikaci ve vaší rezervaci), mobilní aplikací ho odemkněte či zamkněte a nastartujte tlačítkem.

  • V autě najdete manuál k použití vozu, CCS kartu, klíče k autu a veškeré doklady.

  • Celkovou částku za půjčení se odečte z vaší karty až po ukončení rezervace.

  • Doklad o platbě Vám vždy pošleme

  • Pro všechny případy jsme k dispozici 24/7
    na tel. čísle 777 102 144.

How does it work?

1. Download the app and register online

  • Download our GoDriveCZ mobile app
    >> for Android or iOS <<

  • In a few minutes you´ll register and go.

  • You only need a valid credit card, ID card and driver's license and your email (or Facebook or Google Account).

  • No backups! No contracts!
    There is no need to sign anything

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3. Simply go

  • When the reservation is valid or is near to start, go to the car (you´ll see its location in the application in your reservation - it can navigate you to a car), use the mobil app to unlock or lock it and start with the button start-stop.

  • In the car you will find the car's manual, CCS card, car keys and all the documents of cars incl. formular for car accident.

  • We will deduct the total rental amount from your card after the booking is complete.
    We will always send you proof of payment
    by mail.

  • For all cases we are available 24/7
    at +420 777 102 144.


2. Book your car

  • Now or later. Choose a car according to your nearest location within several city zones we have in Ceské Budejovice.

  • Choose a rental time from as little as 1 hour

  • You can return it in any zone you just want to.

  • You will see current prices already at the time of booking, so you simply calculate how much the trip will cost you.

  • You only pay the time actually spent in the vehicle and the kilometers. The price per km includes fuel and car insurance!

  • You can find Czech highway vignette for 2021 in Citigo iV, Rapid and Fabia.



Rychlá registrace a žádné smlouvy

Můžete odjet do 15 minut - celá registrace je online skrze aplikaci pro Android nebo iOS. Žádné smlouvy, závazky, podepisování ani zálohy. 


Quick registration and no contracts

You can leave within 15 minutes - the whole registration online through the Android or iOS app. No contracts, commitments, signatures or advances.

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Pick up
at any time

We are never closed - borrow a car at midnight - just don't be drunk :-)

For all cases we are 24/7
 at +420 777 102 144.


Hour rate

Price per hour from 39 CZK plus kilometers. The price per km already includes fuel and insurance.

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"Hello, I'm very pleased with the car sharing service.

I think I'm going to sometimes change my bike for a car. Thank you. "

Mr. Petr Tyl

"A great ride today in Golf. A great service for those who don't want to worry about their own car."

Mrs. Andrea Vosejpková

"Absolutely no problem.
I recommend to anyone who doesn´t want to feed their own car unnecessarily. Longer rentals are more expensive, but no worries and other costs can easily compensated it. F or the afternoon and shopping in the city, it costs very few mounts of money."

Mr. Tibor Varga

"...for this time I used the service for one business trip and I have for to continue using it, I was very satisfied..."

Mrs. Eva


About us

We simply enjoy the cars. We are a startup in Ceske Budejovice.

GoDrive is the 1st online carsharing here, surrounded by technology, traffic engineering and online marketing professionals.


We want to bring to people in Ceske Budejovice a new opportunity they haven´t known so far. Try us and help us grow!


If you have a tip to improve the service, here with it.







Our team:

Ondra Zenkl a Kuba Gersl - founders

Petra Rodkova - marketing, PR & social media
Tibor Varga - business & technician

A few official data here:

DriveSmart s.r.o. - provider of GoDrive´s project

ID: 06426557 | VAT: CZ06426557

Address: Jírovcova 1866/2, CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice,
Czech republic

Tel.: +420 777 102 144


Bank details: 

224056425/0600 (CZK-Moneta Money Bank)

IBAN: CZ76 0600 0000 0002 2405 6425


The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court
in Prague in section C, insert 281955.