I. Privacy (GDPR)

This privacy statement provides information to help you understand how we collect, use and share your information when you use the GoDrive service. We protect your privacy according to new EU Act 2016/679 from 27th April 2016 (GDPR).

  • Controller and Processor of personal data except debit/credit card data (called C1): DriveSmart, s.r.o., IC 064 265 57, VAT number CZ064 265 57, registered at V mezihoří 2448/4, Praha 8, 180 00; ZenklCB, s.r.o., IC 281 313 39, VAT number CZ281 313 39, registered at Jírovcova 2, České Budějovice, 370 01

  • Controller and Processor of credit/debit card data (called C2): ČSOB, a.s., IC 000 013 50, VAT number CZ000 013 50, registered at Radlická 333/150, Praha 5, 150 57

  • Controller and Processor of personal data for unpaid receivables (called C3): ERECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT s.r.o., IC 02215055, registered at Starochodovská 1360/78, Praha 4, 149 00

  • Subject of data: user of GoDrive service

1. Processing personal data

C1 processes identification data (name, surname, date of birth, ID card/passport number, driving license number), contact data (permanent stay address, e-mail, phone number, Facebook account, Google account), data in CVs of job applicants, order history, invoices and claim information.

C2 processes data in scale and purpose described on its website www.csob.cz; generally it is credit/debit card number, name of trader, place of business, date and total transaction amount.


2. Personal data processing purpose

C1 processes data within these unambiguous purposes:

  • service providing incl. claims: identification and contact data, reservation length and date. Data are processed for the whole period of contractual relationship.

  • assertion of contractual claims after termination of the contract: identification and contact data, reservation length and date, pickup location. Data are collected for 4 years; if trial has started, collection continues the whole trial period.

  • e-mail newsletters: contact data according to Act 480/2004 Sb. Data are processed for indefinite period till the subject sign out the newsletter (sign out possible directly from the e-mail by button clicking.

  • obligation fulfillment in accountancy and taxes: data processing accourding to Accountancy and Tax Law. Data are processed for 5 years from the end of tax period related to GoDrive service use.

C2 purposes are available at www.csob.cz

C3 processes data within this unambiguous purpose:

  • assertion of claims from unpaid receivables: identification and contact data, reservation length and date, pickup location. Data are collected for 4 years; if trial has started, collection continues the whole trial period.

​​​​​3. Personal data protection

C1 processes personal data with proper security protection including modern technical and organizational arrangements in order to protect from unauthorized or illegal processing, from accidental loss, damage or destruction. Subject data are stored in TIER III-certified data center in the Czech Republic, where only authorized C1 emploees may access it (access is logged).

C2 protects data with methods available at www.csob.cz.

4. Automated individual decision-making and profiling

C1 does not use automated individual decision-making or profiling when processing personal data.

C2 actual information available at www.csob.cz.

5. Personal data handover to 3rd parties

C1 do not handover Subject personal data to third perties except public interest (execution, determination or legal right protection in trial or administrative procedure).

C2 possible handover rules available at www.csob.cz.

C3 possible handover rules available at www.epohledavky.cz.

6. Subject rights

Subject may enforce all the individual rights defined by GDPR against C1 through e-mail: info@drivesmart.cz. It is necessary to send every single e-mail for every single individual right whereas the name of the right will be stated in e-mail subject. The e-mail body will then contain proper definition of right execution. If all these conditions are maintained, Subject is contacted back within 5 working days via phone, where C1 validates the e-mail was sent by authorized person. The right is executed according to Law deadline after successful authorization.

Subject may enforce all the individual rights defined by GDPR against C2 and C3 according to rules available at www.csob.cz (C2) and www.epohledavky.cz (C3).

II. Terms and conditions

  • GoDrive service is operated by DriveSmart s.r.o. company

  • GoDrive carsharing service may be used by anyone who has smartphone (Android or Apple), credit or debit card issued in all countries except US and Africa with enough money that would cover service costs, valid driving license for cars, e-mail, phone number and passport

  • GoDrive service may be used both for private and business purposes. We are VAT payers

  • GoDrive service operates in Ceske Budejovice in zones, where you have to pick them up and return them back after reservation end. Zone size and location is displayed in mobile app. You can travel with rented car through EU

  • You have to finish registration process in order to rent our car. Registration is performed exclusively in mobile app. You need e-mail or Facebook account or Google account or Apple ID, driving license, passport and credit or debit card with enough money to use the service. Personal data placed on your card are securely stored in payment gateway of CSOB bank so we cannot access them. When adding card, we need to validate it by charging you for 1 CZK, which we return back immediatelly. You card has to be allowed for internet payments

  • After making the reservation in mobile app, you can see exact car location 30 minutes before reservation start. You can also unlock the car up to 10 minutes before reservation start through mobile app. You can start with start/stop button placed on the right side of the steering wheel

  • You have to return the car anywhere within the zone you pick it up, lock it through mobile app and press Finish reservation button. Reservation will not be finished if the car is outside the zone. You are charged immediatelly after finishing the reservation - it is necessary to have enough money on it to avoid penalty fees. Pricelist is available in Prices section on our web and in the mobile app

  • Cars are insured in all-risk option with 5.000 CZK customer participation (participation is 20.000 CZK for total damage caused by the driver). We reserve the right to charge you for this amount if any damage is done or you are the guilty party of the of road accident. When you are part of road accident, you are obliged to call the Police. Please inform us immediately when any damage occurs on rented car

  • If the car is damage at the moment you are not entitled to drive a car according to Czech law, customer participation is 100% of the damage, because the insurance is not valid

  • When interior is dirty while you drive the car, you have to clean it on your own. When exterior is dirty while driving the car, you do not need to clean the car unless the car would not be legally competent to be operated

  • You are not allowed to drive or park the car in places where mobile operators signal is not available (garage, atomic shelter etc.

  • You are not allowed to smoke in the car under penalty

  • You can find USB slot or mobile phone charging cable in every car

  • Please call our 24/7 HelpLine if any problem occurs. Phone number available in mobile app

  • Fuel is included in rental price. If you need to fuel up the car, please use CCS card in those pumps that accept CCS (90% of CZ pumps) - actual list available on web www.ccs.cz or you can ask petrol pump attendant. CCS car is protected by PIN that will be displayed in the app during active reservation period. CCS card not valid in abroad - please pay with your card or cash and send us the receipt - we will send you money back on your bank account. CCS card is placed in glove box

  • Car may be driven only by user that is registered within our mobile app

  • All your personal data are protected with the best care according to GDPR EU regulation